About Us



When it comes to our vision, we have a strong urge to change the world! Whether through helping small business humans find their way, or by recycling – we’re on a mission to do everything we can to make the world a better place. We encourage everyone we come across to do their part towards creating a better world, especially via volunteering.



It’s super important to us to ensure we are a socially responsible enterprise, every step of the way. We support local freelancers, and also support overseas freelancers who just as equally benefit from being engaged in our projects. We pride ourselves in offering fair rates no matter the location – and celebrate living in a global community.



We’re always searching for the deeper meaning in life. We’re constantly encouraging those businesses we work with to strive to follow their passions, and to be mindful of their mental health. Equally, the freelancers we work with are constantly encouraged to grow in themselves, not just their abilities – but their personal growth. 

Small businesses,
big opportunities

We believe just because you have a small business, doesn’t mean you have small opportunities. With the right hand up, we believe your bright spark of an idea could celebrate sustainable growth far into the future. We firmly believe that small businesses should have the same opportunities afforded by corporate giants – just in bite-size chunks which actually suit your needs.


We consider ourselves extremely lucky to be part of COLAB 4010. This share office space has become family for us, attracting all kinds of creative people. We especially love having a dog friendly office, and of course, Bowie the office dog to keep us company.



When it comes to executing your vision, our business and marketing experts know exactly how to help your small business blossom.

Business building

Our director, Meg, has over 15 years experience in running small businesses.


We pride ourselves on having read every marketing book we could get our hands on, and we continue to update our knowledge frequently.

Graphic design

Our graphic designers are incredible and constantly delivering beyond expectations.


Our SEO team deliver outstanding results, in bit sized chunks perfect for small businesses.


We work with only the best copywriters, as we know that a well worded sentence can sell more than a million images.

Web development

Our developers are what we would fondly refer to as “super nerds” when it comes to navigating their way around building websites, and problem solving any issues.

Email campaigns

Building an effective email campaign is like the icing on the cake – totally necessary! We pride ourselves on create experiences for your clients instead of just communication.

Just because we're a FACTORY,
doesn't mean you'll encounter robots!

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