Content writing for websites – how to use blogs to add value to your clients
By Meg Wilson
When it comes to writing blogs, the value which you can bring to your customers should always be front of mind. It may be tempting to adopt a “dear diary” style, and use your blogs as a boasting platform. However, if you’ve ever had a conversation with someone who talks non-stop about themselves, then you’ll understand that your potential customers don’t really give a hoot about you. So let’s look into how to deliver content which your customers can care about.

Giving away high value content for free

You heard right. In your blogs, you need to give away high value information, for free. You may think that you shouldn’t be sharing the tricks of your trade with everyone, however it’s exactly this which will attract your audience. This is because if someone has stumbled across your blog, they don’t need to know what you did last summer, they just want information which is useful to them. So give it to them.

But what if they take the information and run with it themselves, I hear you say? Then they’re not really your customers anyway, because they don’t understand the value of time and expertise. By writing how to blogs, you’re not truly giving away your IP, instead you’re demonstrating just how much of an expert you are in your field. A bit of a mind funk, just stay with me.

Let’s look at an example:

Let’s say that you are a guitar teacher, who’s looking to write your business bio or detail your services. You may be tempted to use complex words such as “virtuoso” or “pedagogue”, to make yourself sound more important. These terms may be fancy and correct, however, the use of them risks alienating an audience who were ready to convert. People with all levels of education should be able to read your content and understand it in simple terms.

"If someone has stumbled across your blog, they don’t need to know what you did last summer, they just want information which is useful to them."

Sharing is caring – literally

Demonstrating that you care about your clients is a difficult skill to master. Unless you plan on becoming a broken record in saying “we care about you” a million times on your website, you may be interested in another way of demonstrating that you care.

Blogs are the perfect tool to share knowledge which your clients need to be aware of, particularly when it comes to timely issues.

Let’s further our above example:

As an accountant, there are plenty of ways you can show you care without overtly saying it over and over. Say that you know the cut off dates for when all the tax related items are due, or you’re aware of changes to legislation which are going to affect your clients greatly. Why not create a blog about it, to get the knowledge out there, and demonstrate first hand just how much you care about your clients. You could also take it one step further and create a beautiful email campaign to send out this important blog information to all your current clients.

The thank-you economy is a real thing

When it comes to giving away your hard-earnt knowledge for free, you may be cautious. But there is an important part of the human psyche which is integral to remember. When you do a favour for someone, they feel indebted to you. Let’s just hope that the knowledge you gift to your potential clients, results in the gift of their investment in becoming a client.

Now that you’ve read how much of an expert we are, perhaps you will keep us front of mind if you ever need someone to write your content for you. Knowing that we’re happy to give away our knowledge for free, why not drop us a line today to see if we can help out? Chat to you soon!

Meg Wilson
As the driving force behind Start Factory, Meg is part word wizard, 6/8ths design critic, 90% website creator, 59/5ths marketing queen and 1000% small business know-it-all. Meg has plenty of opinions on anything and everything, just ask her! With over 15 years experience running 5 different businesses plus a non-profit group, Meg has been around the block and knows exactly how to get your business off the ground.

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